8 Star Professional table tennis racket

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New 8 Star Walnut Surface 5plywood+2 Inner Carbon Ping Pong Paddle 2pcs/set Powerful Table Tennis Racket for Adults  ping pong 

Grip Means:Straight/Horizontal Grip

Thickness:About 14mm

Specification:2 Pcs

Item:All round methods table tennis racket


Durable material: The paddles are made from good quality wooden and carbon material that does not damage easily. These paddles have an ergonomic design and grip which allows you to hold the paddle very comfortably and play your favourite shots with ease.

Professional quality rubber: It offers High Speed, Strong Spin and Excellent Control and makes the hit penetrating and powerful; Nail those long dreamt lively topspins and curve balls and catch your opponent by surprise; Recommended for Recreational up to Beginner.

Active outdoor play: To improves your fitness and builds healthy heart and bones; Avoid the nasty chemical smell that come with other cheaper paddles; Say bye-bye to those peeling paddles with our well-adhered rubbers and sponges that will stay put no matter the abuse; 

Package Includes:

2 * Ping Pong Paddles

1 * Bag