Busy Book Paper Pasting Picture Books

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• Educational Montessori Toy :This Enlightenment Busy Book is a unique educational toy that follows the Montessori method, designed to stimulate and engage children aged 14+ years.


• Hands-On Learning Experience :The book provides a hands-on learning experience for children, helping them develop fine motor skills while promoting cognitive growth and concentration.


• Quiet Picture Books :The quiet picture books feature allows children to enjoy the content at their own pace, making it perfect for quiet times or during travel.


• Brands Supplies :This product is supplied by other brands, ensuring high-quality and reliability. It's an excellent addition to any child's toy collection.


• Operation Board Functionality :The operation board functionality of the book allows children to learn while playing, making learning fun and interactive.



Safe and Eco-friendly Materials: Made from premium, eco-friendly paper materials that are non-toxic and odorless, ensuring they are safe for infants and toddlers to use without posing any health risks.

Educational Functions: Designed with a wealth of illustrations, colors, and text, these quiet books aim to introduce young children to basic numeracy, alphabet, shapes, colors, and various aspects of everyday life, effectively enhancing their cognitive abilities and early educational foundation.

Static Interactive Experience: Unlike electronic devices or dynamic toys, these paper quiet books encourage focused reading and exploration in a calm environment, fostering good concentration and reading habits, conducive to emotional stability and character development.

Easy to Handle and Portable: With its lightweight and compact design, the book is easy for kids to handle and carry around, making it an ideal companion for learning and play during indoor family time or on-the-go travel.


Product name: Children's quiet book toys

Product size: 21*14cm


Pay attention to small parts to avoid choking