Infinity Nado 3 Athletic Series-Super Whisker

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Infinity Nado 3 -Athletic series

Gather your army of Infinity Nado wolves and have a blade battle with your friends. Who will win?

The iconic Infinity Nado brand, the Infinity Nado 3 generation takes the Battle to the next level.

Product information

Material: ABS
Condition: 100% brand new
Gross Weight/Package: 0.35kg
Size:5.6x5.6x3.5 cm(As shown in the figure,Due to manual measurement, the measurement tolerance range is between 10mm.)

Different attributes for different characters

-The main ability of the Infinity Nado Super Whisker is balance, it keeps its balance well during movement.

-The main ability of the Glittering Butterfly is stamina, it is capable of spinning longer than all other naodo.

-The main ability of the Infinity Nado Glare Aspis spinner is defense,it can repel the most aggressive attacks.

-The main ability of the Infinity Nado Blads is attck, the most aggressive attacks tops.

6 main parts

The Infinity Nado Set consists of 6 main parts: the radar cap, the integrated central axis, the Mars crystal, the attack ring, the separation ring and the v-tip. All these elements are interchangeable with the other Metal, Standard and Athletic series nado.

two attack modes

The Nado has two attack modes - rebuild the Nado , flip the attack ring and attack your opponent from a higher point to change your battle tactics.


The Athletic Series are additionally equipped with a starting handle for easy and safe starting.

The product is original, certified and safe for children.