Coco Surprise Coco Squishies - Dalmatian (Bingo)

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  • SOFTEST PLUSH: Squeeze, cuddle and play with the softest Coco Squishies!
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: There are 6 softest and cuddliest pupies to collect: Bingo the Dalmation, Hypa the Husky, Mochi the Corgi, Mishmosh the Poodle, Buzzy the Pug and Bongo the Bull Terrier.
  • CUDDLIEST TOYS: These adorable puppies are perfect for cuddling or even using as a pillow!
  • UNIQUE PERSONALITIES: Every Coco Squishy has its own distinct look and a unique personality, which one will become your new BFF?
  • BRAND NEW: Welcome Squishies pups to the Coco Surprise family.

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