Dart Zone Pro-Series MK-1.2 Ultimate Dart Blaster

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        Top Features:

        • Dart Zone Pro-Series MK-1.2
        • Pivot the shoulder stock 90 degrees, or fold in for a tighter grasp
        • Universally-compatible shoulder stock
        • Included eye protection for max safety on the field
        • Utilize the included spring to adjust the FPS
        • Quick-release pin allows players to easily correct dart jams
        • Out-of-the-box pro-level performance
        • Minimum Recommended Age: 14-99
        • Gender: Unisex

        Dart Zone changed the dart blaster arena with the introduction of the Dart Zone Pro-Series MK 1 — a high-performance blaster built for speed and power, right out of the box. Now, meet the latest in blaster innovation, the Dart Zone Pro-Series MK-1.2. This foam blaster continues the legacy of the Dart Zone Pro-Series lineup with the addition of unbeatable cross-compatibility.

        Find maximum precision, tactical finesse, and the ability to customize for a tailor-made fit. The Dart Zone MK-1.2 introduces a unique flip-stock feature for maximum comfort and customization. No need to remove the stock during gameplay, players can simply flip it to the side and create a shorter blaster without pausing the action.

        The shoulder stock is also compatible with shoulder stocks from leading brands like Nerf. Included with the MK-1.2, players will find 30 Dart Zone Pro-Series Bamboo 2.0 Darts, 2 half-length dart magazines, and 1 dart magazine adaptor.

        For the blaster pros, enjoy the new Dart Zone Pro-Series Eye Protection Mask, and 2 tactical sights. Need to customize your blaster for personalized gameplay? Use the 2 replacement O-rings and included spare spring for an adjusted FPS. Easily correct dart jams with a pull of the MK-1.2’s single quick-release pin. Just like the rest of the Dart Zone Pro Series Lineup, the Dart Zone MK-1.2 was designed to meet elite players’ expectations. The Dart Zone Pro MK-1.2 Special Edition is available exclusively on Amazon.com. Recommended for ages 14+. Dart Zone Pro-Series Full-Length Dart Magazines sold separately.

        Complete Set Includes:

        • Dart Zone Pro-Series MK-1.2
        • 30 half-length Dart Zone Pro Bamboo 2.0 Darts
        • 2 half-length dart clips
        • 1 dart clip adaptor
        • 1 muzzle brake
        • 1 Dart Zone Pro-Series mask
        • 2 tactical sights
        • 2 replacement O-rings
        • 1 adjustable stock
        • 1 quick-release pin
        • 1 spare spring

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