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Dickie Toys Ultimate Police Headquarter

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Dickie Toys Ultimate Police Headquarters: There's always something going on here.

The Ultimate Police Headquarters from the SOS collection certainly lives up to its name: the ten-part set brings together all the play scenarios of the response vehicles from the world of Dickie Toys. The set includes a command centre, a shooting range, a drone starter and the car prison. This has a combination lock and an escape button. If the villain, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat with crash function, gets away out of the door, the four police vehicles with free-wheel can at once give chase.

With a Porsche, Citroën, helicopter and SWAT vehicle with water cannon function on your tail, it won't be that easy to get away. At the press of a button, the command centre provides three different light and sound scenarios to complete the comprehensive and imaginative toy set. Details like opening side panels, the drone starter and the careful modelling offer endless possibilities for uncovering the world of the police force.

And all this from a recommended age of three years.

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