Dickie Toys Volvo Articulated Hauler

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Dickie Toys Articulated Hauler: The ultimate hauler!

The Articulated Hauler is a detailed toy model inspired by Volvo. Designed for

children aged 3 and above, this latest addition to the Dickie Toys range is packed with fun features.

Behind the driver’s cab there is a hinged axis, which makes the truck significantly more agile and flexible, as well as helping your little one to explore mechanical

The loading surface can moved up and down for loading and unloading. The toy also features sound effects and a built-in

• Toy hauler with rolling wheels
• Moving hinged axis behind the driver’s cab
• Moving loading surface
• Light and sound effects
• License: Volvo
• Length: 23 cm
• Recommended age: 3 and above

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