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Dickie Toys VW T3 Camper - Shooting Stars

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Dickie Toys VW T3 Camper — Shooting Stars: First camp, then hunt!

Dickie Toys is renowned for its out-there play ideas. And this VW T3 camper in a retro look is no exception to that. For this classic among car favourites is not only a high-quality toy car with freewheel.

Rather, at the push of a button, an arrow launching pad can be extended on the roof which the post-apocalyptic-looking campers can use to go hunting. Three arrows are included which are kept in a quiver in the rear window.

Light and sound effects are also on board, just like the required batteries.

• toy car with freewheel in a retro look with arrow launcher

• lights and sound

• licence: VW

• extendable/retractable arrow launching pad on the roof at the push of a button

• arrow quiver in rear window with three arrows

• batteries included

• length: 28 cm

• age recommendation: 3 years+

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