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Employ different variations to win this GameRox game. This collectible stone game features more than 150 styled Rox to collect and can be played solo, against an opponent, or as a team for various playing options. Organize your own tournaments and come out victorious by being the first player to complete the five steps required in this GameRox game.

This assortment of stones is chosen at random
Order online for a surprise set of stones, or stop by your local Best Buy store to make your selection.
Stone skill and action game
Try the all-new, skill and action game where the bigger your collection is, the better chance you have to win. Toss and scoop stones in sequence, be the first to complete everything and win.
Just five steps to win
Toss one stone in the air and grab another before catching the airborne stone in the same hand, repeat while grabbing two stones, three stones, then finally all four. The last step is to toss all five stones in the air at once and catch them on the back of your hand.
Multiplayer support
The game can be played solo, head-to-head, or as a team.
Recommended minimum age
Suitable for children aged 8 and older.
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What's Included

  • Gamerox Stone Game