Jenga Fortnite

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  • JENGA GAME WITH A FORTNITE TWIST: It's an exciting Jenga game with artwork, themes, and characters inspired by the popular Fortnight online video game
  • SPIN, STACK, CLIMB: Players spin the spinner and follow the commands: The number and type of blocks to stack, and how many layers their Fortnight character must climb
  • DON'T FALL SHORT: Players move their own pegs up and their opponents' pegs down as they remove and stack blocks. But if the tower falls as they climb or stack -- it's game over for them
  • BATTLE TO THE TOP: The first player to insert their Fortnight character peg into one of the top holes in the tower wins
  • FORTNITE FANS: Jenga: Fortnight Edition game is a fun and challenging game for Fortnight fans It makes a great birthday or holiday gift for gamers and Fortnight fans ages 8 and up