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Hydro Strike Gel-Tek Gel Beads Refill Pack – 20000 pcs

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Add a burst to your blaster game with Hydro Strike Gel-Tek Beads! The Hydro Strike Gel-Tek Bead Refill comes with up to 20,000 gel beads, so you can refill your Pulsar Pro Gel Bead Blaster up to 40 times or your Nebula Pro Gel Bead Blaster up to 100+ times! Gel-Tek beads are easy-to-use and feature a colorful and high-quality design. Play for hours with the best gel beads in the game! To prepare the beads, just add them to any container, fill the container with water, and let them soak for up to 4 hours.

Once the beads are ready, add them to your favorite gel bead blaster. The beads splash on impact for a burst of adventure! Gel-Tek gel beads are a perfect match for the Hydro Strike Nebula Pro and Hydro Strike Pulsar Pro, and they are also suitable for most standard gel bead blasters

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