Jurassic World Captivz Clash Edition Mega Egg Surprise

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Get ready for an epic surprise with the Jurassic World: Captivz Mega Egg! With the brand new giant blinking Indominus Rex egg packed with Jurassic World Captivz surprises from Pop N Lock dinos, to pull back cars, slime and more.

Includes a unique playmat experience set in Isla Nublar for your dinos to adventure, battle, and journey through - this is the ultimate item for Jurassic fans and dinosaur enthusiasts!

  • Contents: 1x Stretchy lava slime, 1x mystery pop n lock dinosaur figure, 1x battle token, 1x collector guide, 1x pull back dino car, 1x sticker sheet, 1x playmat, 1x die, 2x eggs and 1x backpack clip
  • Dimensions: 18L x 19W x 28H cm