McFarlane DC Multiverse Batgirl Art Of The Crime

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By day, Barbara Gordon is the bookish daughter of the Gotham City Police Commissioner, Jim Gordon. By night, Barbara dons a cape and cowl as Batgirl, committed to justice like her father. While her Utility Belt is equipped withĀ BatarangsĀ and other crime-fighting gadgets, her greatest tools are her brilliant mind and her unwavering determination. Batgirl is an expert martial artist and gymnast, trained in part by Batman, whoā€™s extremely athletic and agile. Her eidetic memory, heightened intelligence, and advanced knowledge of computers makes her a natural leader and skilled crime fighter.Ā 

Product Features:

  • Incredibly detailed 7ā€ scale figures based off the DC MultiverseĀ 
  • Designed with Ultra Articulation withĀ up toĀ 22 moving partsĀ for full range of posing and playĀ 
  • BatgirlĀ figureĀ based on the DC RebirthĀ ComicĀ 
  • Batgirl accessoriesĀ includeĀ Grapnel LauncherĀ andĀ BatarangĀ 
  • Included collectable art card withĀ DC Rebirth BatgirlĀ artwork onĀ the front, and character biography on the backĀ 
  • Batgirl is part of aĀ 3-figureĀ collector set, that includes a piece of a Build-A-BatmobileĀ featured inĀ the DC RebirthĀ ComicĀ Ā 
  • Collect all 3 figures; Batgirl,Ā NightwingĀ and the Batman Who LaughsĀ to fully assemble the bonus Batmobile.Ā Figures sold separately.Ā Ā Ā 
  • Buildable Batmobile features rolling wheels andĀ is 7 inches inĀ length when fully assembledĀ 
  • Figure is showcased in DC themed window box packagingĀ 

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