OH! My Gif S1 3 Bit Pack - 1

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OMG…GIFs have come alive! Some of the most loved and fun GIFs from the internet can now come to life in your hands so you can share with your friends "I.R.L"!
Activate the OH! MY GIF GIFbits to discover their surprise movement and unique message – twist, turn, push and pull your GIFbit to bring it to life and reveal its popular internet feel! They are so much fun to share with your friends and family! With 50 GIFbits to collect from Series 1, across 6 different teams including #CURRENTVIBE #BESTIES, #SUPP, #WOW, #GOALS and #FAIL, there is a GIFbit for everyone! There are even Rare and Ultra Rare GIFbits as well as the Limited Edition Light Up #OMGOMG Lazer Catly to find!
Get digital GIFbits on your phone by downloading the GIFS GONE LIVE AR App and scaning the AR card from your pack! You can also download the GIFbits onto your smart device keyboard and add them to your messages to friends! There has never been a toy collectible like OH! MY GIF! The collectible with all the feels that you'll want to share with everyone!



Product Features

  • GIFs Gone Live
  • Some of the most famous and fun GIFs on the internet have jumped off the screen and into your hands! Now you can have the humor and fun of GIFs you know online and share them with your friends "In Real Life"! Just had an epic fail and want to share it with your friends? Do it I.R.L with OH! MY GIF!
  • Animate To Reveal The Feels
  • You can activate your GIFbit by pulling, pushing, twisting or turning and watch it come to life! Every GIFbit animates just like a real online GIF when you interact with it, to reveal a surprise movement and message from the internet. Collect all of OH! MY GIFS funniest GIFbits like Party Poops, Shady Ninjy and Liftin' Burgie to discover their surprise movement!
  • Share GIFbits IRL And Online
  • Now you can share OH! MY GIFs with your friends, the same way you would an online GIF but In Real Life! Download the GIFS GONE LIVE AR App and scan the included AR cards to get OH! MY GIF digital GIFbits on your phone to share! You can also share the feels by downloading the GIFbits onto your smart device keyboard so you can add them to your messages and send to your friends and family. There are even exclusive OH! MY GIF sticker packs available to download!
  • Collect All Teams
  • There are over 50 GIFbits from 6 different teams to collect and share across Series 1. Look out for GIFbits from teams like: #SUPP, #WOW, #GOALS, #CURRENTVIBE, #FAIL and #BESTIES, There's a GIFbit to suit any feel!