Play-Doh Animal Crew Naybelle Show Pony Farm Animal Playset

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  • FUNNY TOY HORSE WITH MULTIPLE WAYS TO PLAY - Naybelle is a silly styling toy horse for kids 3 years and up. She can kick her back legs, shape a Play-Doh cowboy hat under her saddle, grow a Play-Doh mane, and more!
  • GROOM NAYBELLE TO WIN THE BLUE RIBBON - Grow her mane with Play-Doh compound, then use the braid roller and molds to decorate her with braided hair and Play-Doh accessories like bows, flowers, and more.
  • HORSE AROUND WITH COOL KICKING ACTION - Make Play-Doh hay bales with the barrel mold, then push down on her head to see her kick them with her back legs, almost like a real horse can!
  • INCLUDES 3 NON-TOXIC PLAY-DOH COLORS - 3 different colors in standard 2-ounce Play-Doh cans let kids create lots of fun looks with this Play-Doh horse set.
  • Age 3+