Professor Maxwell's VR Atlas

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Travel the world without ever leaving your home! This incredible and inspiring visual atlas takes you on a fact-filled, continent-by-continent Virtual and Augmented reality tour of the world. Professor Maxwell’s VR Atlas features over 130 pages of interactive adventures and more than 80 fascinating maps. Each map is filled with points of interest, landmarks, and world wonders - all of which come alive in augmented and 360 degree virtual reality! VR adventures include flyovers of the world's highest waterfall, to base jumping off the fjords of Norway and more. Uncover incredible geographical features, wildlife, culture, food, history, and landmarks in unprecedented detail.


• Book (138 Page World Atlas and Project Book) 
• VR Goggles • Funnel • Growing Pot • Abacus Passport 
• Stamps • Paint Set • Brush • Origami Paper • Beads 
• Abacus Frame • Pipe Cleaners • Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle 
• Digging Tool • Digging Chisel • Dino Dig-Out Fossil
• Volcano Mold • Red Food Coloring • Baking Soda 
• Clay • Straw • Sundial Template • Scratch Map
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