Robot Trains Auto Transformer Kay

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When the child receives a bright transformer as a gift, he will not only be able to repeat his favorite moments from the cartoon, but he will also be surprised at the unusual transformation of the train into a robot and vice versa. To control the toy, a remote control kit is presented in the kit, which will help guide the train in the right direction.

- The toy will allow children to play their favorite moments from the popular cartoon "Robots Trains", as the product is made in the form of a miniature copy of a hero named Kay.
- This train is unusual, as it not only transforms into a robot, but can independently travel back and forth, and it is also controlled from the remote control.
- The spinning wheels in the bottom of the toy are responsible for the acceleration, when moving backward, the transformation occurs automatically.
- The crumbs need only to show imagination and come up with adventures for a character who exactly repeats his prototype from the cartoon.
- Children will be happy to collect the entire collection of heroes and arrange exciting races with their participation.
- The toy will serve children for a long time, as it is made of certified high-quality plastic.
- The transformer will help diversify the child’s leisure, and also allow him to show imagination and improve fine motor skills of his hands.