Shopkins Happy Places Squirrel Palace Party

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Help decorate princess pretti pressie's Squirrel party your own way with her adorable Petkin accessories, including a shiny DJ booth to get the party of the year jumping! This party planner has all the Petkins and accessories she needs to celebrate.

With bows and balloons to decorate the walls and refreshments for all to adore! When the party is ready to start, she puts on her easy pop skirt so that she's the prettiest of all the party princesses! From a daytime dress to a glitter princess, she's ready to shine at the royal party!

Collect all the princesses and their 4 welcome Packs to build and decorate the "perfect Palace" - where the party never ends! Each pack is filled with the cutest Petkin accessories so you can decorate and build up your royal world!