SMISKI Exercising Series - Blind Box

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Each series has 6 Smiski variations, plus a secret Smiski that is rare to find! Grow in the dark.

Mysterious creatures secretly exercising in the corner of your room! In the new series, we find Smiski doing exercises in the corner of your room. Smiski has decided to do something about his physical fitness.

We all know that we should exercise, but getting started and maintaining an exercise routine is difficult. With Smiski by your side, you may find more motivation to exercise and have fun doing so. Whatever your body type, getting in shape with Smiski will make a healthier you!

This series line-up has 6 kinds + 1 secret Smiski. Some of the poses include "SMISKI Doing Crunches" for working his abs, "Little SMISKI Balance" for training his core, and "SMISKI Aerobics" for increasing stamina. Smiski will surely be healthier now that he is exercising.

SMISKI Doing Crunches
SMISKI is working his ads. Do you think his muffin top is cute?
SMISKI Aerobics
SMISKI is doing aerobics. Let‘s work out! One two, One two…
Little SMISKI Balance
Little SMISKI is on a balance ball. Do you want to train your core?
SMISKI Dumbbell
SMISKI is doing weight training. It is too heavy to lift!
SMISKI hooping. SMISKI is having fun and breaking a sweat.
SMISKI Stretch
SMISKI is doing stretches. Stretching is very important before exercise!

Product weight:Approx.30g
Product material:ATBC-PVC
Product size:Approx.W35~65×H43~68/mm
Package size:約W60×H80×D52/mm
Assort Box size:Approx.W244×H85×D160/mm


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