Squeakee The Balloon Dog - Rainbowie The Rainbow Dog

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  • Squeakee Rainbowie the Rainbow Dog is an exclusive rainbow colored balloon dog that is totally interactive and comes to life when you play with her!
  • Pop Squeakee Rainbowie with her pink Pin to see and hear her deflate! Then inflate her back up with her Pump! Tickle Squeakee Rainbowie and she'll roll into her back and ask for more!
  • Train Squeakee Rainbowie with her bright yellow Squeaker Toy! Use it to teach her to sit or beg. She gets very excited when she hears it!
  • Feed Squeakee Rainbowie with her exclusive colored Pump to make her pee or fart!
  • Squeakee Rainbowie the rainbow dog reacts to your voice. Tell her off to let her know when he's been a naughty balloon dog.

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