Summer Infant, Complete Nursery Care Kit, 21 Pieces Pink

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  • Health and Grooming in One
  • Birth & Up
  • Pediatrician Approved

Complete Nursery Care Kit

  • Medicine syringe
  • Newborn nail clippers
  • Forehead thermometer strips & case
  • Digital thermometers
  • Brush and comb
  • BPA free pacifier medicine dispenser
  • Nasal aspirator
  • Finger toothbrush & case
  • 5 Emery boards
  • Teether
  • Gum massager
  • Emergency information card
  • Storage case

Medical: Digital thermometer, Forehead thermometer strips & Case, Medicine syringe, BPA Free Pacifier medicine dispenser, Nasal aspirator, Emergency information card

Oral Care: Finger toothbrush & case, Teether, Gum massager.

Grooming: Newborn nail clippers, Brush, 5 Emery boards

Travel: Storage case

21 Piece Complete Nursery Care Kit

Brush & Comb:

Soft brush bristles are gentle on baby's scalp. Wide-toothed comb makes untangling hair easier. Handle design with soft grip texture is easy for toddlers to hold and use.

Nail Clippers:

This standard size nail clipper's handle rotates 360 degrees so you can safely trim nails from any angle. Soft over-molded handle is comfortable and helps you maintain a steady grip.

Medicine Syringe:

Easily dispense and measure medicine

Pacifier Medicine Dispenser:

The Medicine Dispenser provides parents with a convenient way to dispense medicine to their child. The unique design reduces the likelihood of spillage and helps ensure proper dosage. The soft, contoured applicator is comfortable for baby.

Forehead Thermometer & Case:

This temperature indicator is reusable and comes with a convenient carrying case. The parent simply holds it in place on the child's forehead and gets a reading in less than 15 seconds.

Emergency Card:

  • Keep important phone numbers and medical information handy for quick reference
  • Keep in a safe place. Familiarize family members, baby-sitters and care givers with the location of the card and the information on it

Storage Case:

  • Keep items organized with the convenient storage case.

Digital Thermometer:

For complete instructions for use and care, please see separate instruction manual enclosed.

Fingerbrush & Case:

This unique item fits compactly into its own sanitary case. Whether a parent is massaging sore teething gums on the go, or maintaining a good oral brushing hygiene after eating out, this wonderful little product fills the need.

Suggested Use

Brush & Comb:

To Use:

  • Wash brush & comb before using
  • Untangle hair from the roots out. Keep a hand on the roots while brushing or combing to avoid pulling on child's scalp
  • Encourage your toddler to try brushing his or her own hair with your assistance (approximately 3 years old)

To Clean: Wash with mild soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly; air dry

Nail Clippers:

To Clean: Sterilize with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and rinse in warm water. Wipe dry.

Medicine Syringe:

To Use: Clean before first use. Push the inner half of the syringe all the way in and place the tip of the syringe into the liquid medicine. Pull the inner half out until the medicine reaches the correct marked dosage. Make sure your child is elevated to avoid choking and the place one finger inside their mouth and gently pull the cheek outward. Place the syringe toward the back of the cheek (not toward the back of the mouth to avoid gagging) and push down on the inner plunger to dispense the liquid.

To Clean: Remove the inner plunger and wash both halves in warm, soapy water. Air Dry. Top rack dishwasher safe. Do not place in boiling water.

5 Emery Boards:

  • Gently glide across baby's fingernails to smooth them

Nasal Aspirator:

To Use:

  • Hold baby upright
  • While squeezing the aspirator bulb, gently place the tip of the aspirator into baby's nostril and tilt it to the side. Never point the tip directly in the center of the nostril. Be careful not to over-insert the aspirator
  • Slowly release the bulb allowing the suction to draw the mucus out of baby's nostril
  • Repeat with other nostril
  • Repeat as necessary until baby's experiences relief from congestion

To Clean: Put the aspirator under soapy, warm water. Squeeze and release the bulb several times to clean the inside of the bulb. Rinse with warm water. Squeeze out all excess water from the bulb

Pacifier Medicine Dispenser:

To Use: Boil in water for 2 minutes before first use. Twist the clear cap counterclockwise and pivot open. Pour in the desired amount of liquid using the dosage marks. Holding the cap upright, pivot the pacifier shield down on the cap, and then twist clockwise to close. Place the Summer medicine dispenser into baby's mouth. Works best when the child is in a reclined position.

To Clean: Immediately after use, open the cap and wash with hot soapy water. Rinse thoroughly. Dishwasher safe.


To Clean: Rinse under clean, warm water before first use and after each use. Note: Do not boil.

Storage Case:

To Clean: Surface wash with mild soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly; air dry.

Fingerbrush & Case:

  • Clean infant finger toothbrush before first use and after each use
  • Place on parent's fingertip
  • Gently clean and massage gums for emerging teeth

Gum Massager:

  • Clean gum stimulator before first use and after each use
  • As your child's first tooth emerges: massage gums to ease tooth emergence and relieve discomfort


Do not tie pacifier medicine dispenser around child's neck as it presents a strangulation danger.

Colors and styles may vary. Please retain information for future reference. Complete instructions for use and care enclosed.

Caution: Adult supervision is required. Store away from child's reach. The components of this product, except for the teether, are not toys. Do not allow children to play with them.

Nail Clippers:

Note: Do not clip too close to baby's skin. We recommend clipping baby's nails while he or she is sleeping.

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