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Gift Set

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The elegant Red Roof Tower House Gift Set is a special set containing the beautiful Tower House and older sister, Stella the Chocolate Rabbit who lives there. Stella's dress is an original design that can only be found in this set.

Also included are original colour furniture and accessories, perfectly suited to the house's interior. Red Roof Tower House Gift Set has a two-storey house with a high ceiling, giving the house a sense of space. The ceiling has a luxurious chandelier. There is also a lovely balcony located outside the door. The spiral staircase is self-standing, and can connect to anywhere in the building.

Placing the Designer Studio on top completes Stella's house (sold separately).

Can be played with alongside other buildings from the Town Series (sold separately).

Red Roof Tower House Main Unit, Roof, Chandelier, Spiral Staircase, Flooring, Window x2, Fence x2, Terrace Fence x3, Roof Decoration x4, Stella the Chocolate Rabbit Older Sister, Bag, Town Bed Main Unit, Quilt, Mattress, Pillow, Dining Table, Chair x2, Teapot, Lid, Dessert Stand, Handle, Dessert Server, Teacup x2, Saucer x2, Plate x2, Chocolate x9 (a total of 46 pieces)

惻Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children
惻Suitable for ages three years and above