Transformers Beast Wars Deluxe Heroic Maximal K-9

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Transformers Beast Wars K-9 is a Deluxe Class scaled figure that stands 5.5-inches tall in robot mode and transforms from robot to Wolf and back.  

The Transformers: Beast Wars features the heroic Maximals vs. the evil Predacons in a battle for a primitive world where every figure in the toyline transforms from a robot to a beast.  Accompanied by a CGI cartoon, Beast Wars has Optimus Prime and Megatron reborn with their new Beast forms, and adds new scales to the classes of Transformers:  Basic Class, Deluxe Class, Mega Class, Ultra Class and even Super Class.  

Start your Transformers Beast Wars collection today with K-9.  Add this highly sought-after piece to your collection today at TFSource, your source for Hasbro Transformers Collectible Action Figures. 

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