Xtrem Bots - REX - The Dino Bot

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Up to 60 programmable actions. Demo function: Moves while roaring. Slides and walk in 4 directions.

Specific Functions:

More than 100 pieces to build REX-The Dinobot and the Controller. (No extra material needed to build the dino)
Guardian mode: Sensor in the head which can detect movement and Scare intruders with a terrifying roar and other surprising sounds when someone wants to enter your room
Eyes light up, Can Spin 180º with a bottom in the remote controller

Realistic dinosaur sounds (roaring, eating, farts…).
-3 types of roarings
(Small, medium and big)
– Eaten sound
-3 types of farts

Articulated tail, Includes stickers to decorate Rex The Dyno Bot

Robot Height: 53 cm

-The remote control works with 2 AA batteries. Not included.
-The robot works with 4 AA 1,5V batteries.
Not included.

Suitable for ages 6 and above.

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