Zoids Wild ZW25 Beast Liger

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Create! Get Up! Liberation! (Wild Blast!) Real Moving Model Kit! This model kit has nipper-free parts as well as a colour instruction manual for simple building! Open the box and start assembling immediately! Complete the assembly of the model kit, switch it on and watch it come to life! Zoids Wild model kits are easy-to-assemble that are motorized for amazing motion! Just open the box and snap the armor pieces onto the inner frame.

  • Advance with a medium-sized zoid motor of the Lion species.
  • Turn on the switch to start moving forward and head down to 4 levels.
  • Evolutionary liberation (Evoblast) is automatic, with the three claws on the back (Tategam Miku) releasing forward and moving forward while moving the Tate Gamine.
  • The second time the swing is shaken down, the further Tate Gamine is released and becomes larger. At this time, the mouth moves in conjunction.
  • Evolast gimmick can be triggered several times by manually restoring the neck.

-Book of restoration (1), mechanical unit (1), WB unit (1), S pack (1), excavation pack A (1), excavation pack B (1)
-Battery: AAA alkaline battery × 1 (sold separately)