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Zoids Wild ZW29 Sniptera

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Create! Get Up! Liberation! (Wild Blast!) Real Moving Model Kit! This model kit has nipper-free parts as well as a colour instruction manual for simple building! Open the box and start assembling immediately! Complete the assembly of the model kit, switch it on and watch it come to life! Zoids Wild model kits are easy-to-assemble that are motorized for amazing motion! Just open the box and snap the armor pieces onto the inner frame.

  • Advance with a medium-sized zoid motor of Pteranodon type.
  • When the switch is turned on, the limbs move and walk on four legs.
  • Weapon release (machine blasting) is performed manually, legs are extended, and wings are expanded to change to flight mode.
  • Sniper rifle appears from the throat by further widening the mouth and changes to sniper mode.
  • Switch on again and move forward with wings.

-Restoration book (1), Pack S (1), Excavation pack A (1), Excavation pack B (1)
-Battery: AAA alkaline battery x 1 (sold separately)
Item Size/Weight : 29.3 x 21.8 x 7.5 cm / 475g