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Zoids Wild ZWR01 Liger - Clive Dias Version

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A new series of Zoids Wild begins! Its name is "Zoids Wild Biographies!"

We have a real moving kit that completely recreates Lieutenant Colonel Clive Dias's favorite machine, which appeared in the TV anime Zoids Wild ZERO as the first product in the Zoids Wild Biographies series. 

Lt. Col. Clive Dias's favorite machine, this medium-sized lion-type Zoid appeared in the TV anime Zoids Wild ZERO.

It's equipped with a 9-Barrelled A-Z Cannon on the back, 2 A-Z Anti-Aircraft Guns on the sides, and 2 A-Z 3-Shot Charge Missiles on the legs.

Furthermore, the coloring of the unit has been changed to blue and blue-gray, which are characteristics of the special unit used by Commander Dias. Some parts are painted, and details like the color of the eyes, claws, and fangs are faithfully recreated in the anime colors.

The characteristic mane with its white lines and the tail are painted. The Republic's emblem is attached in the form of a sticker.

The A-Z Anti-Aircraft Rapid-Fire Gun moves up and down in conjunction with the walking action, and when the bullet shield is opened, the 9-Barrelled Cannon appears, and is also equipped with an Evo Blast gimmick that performs a simultaneous firing action.

Also, like the ZW01 Wild Liger, the Wild Blast unit, Mane Claw, is also included, so you can enjoy the Wild Blast gimmick by equipping it.

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