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Zoids Wild ZWR08 - Xeno Rex Wing XA

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The eighth product in the "Zoids Wild Retsuden" series is the "Zenolex Storm XA" with huge silver wings, the third form of the giant transformation evolution of Zenorex that appears in the final episode of the sequel story of Zoids Wild Senki. Kit! Tyrannosaurus species Zoids that dominate the sky with powerful weapons are now available! Zoids Wild Senki is finally complete!

Xenolex Storm XA is a form of Xenolex specializing in mobility, which was developed after Xeno Evolution Arms, "Scissors" specializing in combat, and "Buster" specializing in shooting. Equipped with huge silver wings, it is equipped with equipment specialized for aerial fighting and bombardment and bombardment of enemies on the ground. In addition, the booster on the wing allows high-speed movement, and is good at hit-and-run tactics that close the gap with the enemy Zoids at once and destroy the enemy.

In the battle with Psycho Genospino, he quickly closes the gap with high mobility and fights with Rising Liger Panzer.

Xenolex is a replacement of the silver wings "Xeno Evolution Arms Storm Unit".

Medium-sized Zoid of Tyrannosaurus species. When the activation bone (switch) is turned on, the mouth is opened and closed, the front legs are moved up and down, and the tail is swung left and right while walking on two legs with the hind legs. Part of the wing is painted with gun metallic. With a set of special color Xenolex and mobility specialized storm unit, you can immediately play huge transformation evolution.

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