CaDA SUZUKI Katana Motorcycle C59021W

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Suzuki KATANA Official License

SUZUKI Katana Motorcycle is a KATANA "blade" authorized by genuine Suzuki. It is based on a sports street car. The slender and sharp body lines have become the highlight of the vehicle design, and the katana elements are integrated into it. The scale is 1:6.

SUZUKI Katana Motorcycle comes with two different sets of display stands and maintenance platforms, allowing consumers to choose and assemble it according to their preferences. The transparent engine links the rear wheels to restore the real mechanical transmission structure; The front wheel simulates large-scale steering, flexible control, and excellent playing feel. Exclusive molded parts: The front exterior parts are produced under the official supervision of Suzuki and highly restore the original car shape. Comes with nameplate: Genuine authorized nameplate.


Suzuki KATANA - a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and elegance. Drawing inspiration from the iconic 1982 Suzuki Katana, this motorcycle is a striking fusion of Suzuki technology and innovative design. Prepare to experience the perfect harmony of power and aesthetics, reminiscent of the legendary samurai sword.

Introducing the 1/6 scale Suzuki Katana 2022 model by CaDA Bricks. Experience the stunning design and enjoy its playable features. This model showcases fully functional front and rear suspension, along with a realistic engine complete with moving pistons. The motorcycle model includes genuine tires, a motorcycle stand, and a printed nameplate.

Model Number: C59021W
Difficulty: Medium
Pieces: 1104
Scale: 1:6
Product Size: L35.1-W13.7-H21.8cm
Color Box Measure: L38-W9-H30cm


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