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Dart Zone Legendfire Powershot Blaster (frustration free pack)

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The Dart Zone® Legendfire Blaster takes aim at being in the top of the class. This Slamfire Long Barrel Blaster is powered by an interchangeable automatic revolving drum. Comes with two ammo cartridges for a quick change-out throughout the battle. The Legendfire features 2 Ammo Cartridges and 18 Super Darts for maximum shooting distance up to 80 Feet!

Set Includes :

1 Legendfire Powershot Blaster
Slam-Fire Long Barrel
2 Auto-Advance Revolving Cartridges
1 Cartridge Holster
18 Super Darts

Darts Fly up to 80 Feet!

Universal Darts work with Dart Zone® blasters and most blasters from major brands

Ages 8+

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