CaDA HUMVEE Vehicle C61036W - Non Motorization

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HUMVEE Official License
CaDA HUMVEE Off-Road Vehicle by CaDA is a highly detailed 1:8 scale model featuring independent suspension, four-wheel drive, a simulated engine design, and remote control functions, providing endless possibilities for customization and imaginative play.

Highly Detailed Design: The HUMVEE Off-Road Vehicle is a 1:8 scale model with an accurate ratio to the original vehicle. The cockpit details are outstanding with a high degree of detail restoration.

Realistic Appearance: The model features an outstanding restoration of the cooling grille, engine compartment, center console, steering wheel, mirrors, dual-row seats, and trunk, to restore the appearance of the vehicle to the greatest extent.

Independent Suspension: The front and rear independent suspension system ensures that all four wheels have independent suspension and shock springs, reducing body tilt and vibration.

Four-Wheel Drive: Linked engine of the horizontally opposed 8-cylinder engine ensures driving stability and balance; can switch the differential lock for off-road action.

Simulated Vehicle Drive Train: Horizontally opposed 8-cylinder engine, simulated vehicle drive train design; simulated vehicle load-bearing beam vehicle chassis architecture.

Remote Control Functions: With the addition of Power Functions, you can control your vehicle remotely with features such as turret rotation, shell launch, machine gun rotation, differential lock, front-end winch, and LED lights.

Removable Bumpers: Supporting rocket launchers and machine guns can be replaced in the car for consumers to play, and the bumpers can be removed.

Dynamic Simulation Function: After replacement, the rocket launcher and machine gun can be remote-shift controlled to add even more fun.

Flexible Doors: The doors can be manually opened and closed for added realism.

Elastic Rear Trunk: The elastic rear trunk can also be manually opened and closed for more interactive play.

Quick Release Modular Design: The hood and rear trunk can be quickly removed; through the rear trunk manual knob shift control 4 functions.


Experience the legendary military vehicle design with highly playable and displayable CaDA C61036W Humvee model. This Humvee model replica reflects tough character and sophisticated structure, and comes with many realistic features. Opening hood allows access to the detailed 8 cylinder boxer style engine with moving pistons, working all wheel drive and locking differentials for driving stability and balance. The transmission system allows to switch between high and low speeds. And, working features do not end here. The model also equipped with independent front and rear suspension and working winch, and comes with realistically looking ground-gripping tires! You can even open all four spring loaded doors and back hatch. On the top you can mount inter-changeable machine gun or cannon equipped with working firing system. Finished with optional motorization for more realistic play/pretend experience. The Humvee C61036W set has been designed to provide a truly realistic and rewarding building experience.

Model Number.: C61036W (Non Motorised)
Difficulty: High
Pieces: 3935
Scale: 1:8
Product Size: L52.6-W27.2-H21.2cm
Color Box Measure: L61.2-W46.3-H12.4cm

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