Infinity Nado 3 Original Crack Series Split 2 In1

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Infinity Nado-Crack series

Who will win? Assemble your army of Infinity Nado and have a blade battle with your friends.

The Infinity Nado generation of superpowered nado takes the Battle to the next level.
The power of Infinity Nado is doubled in the Crack series. Each set in the series includes two naod that are capable of combining into one.

Different attributes for different characters

-The main ability of the Super Whisker wolf is balance, it keeps its balance well while moving.

-The main ability of the Glare Aspis is defense, this can repel the most aggressive attacks.

-The main ability of the Gliterring Butterfly is endurance, this is able to spin longer than all the others.

-The main ability of the Blade is in the attack, it is the most powerful and exhibits an intense and unpredictable spin.

-Shadow Streak is their boos, the strongest Nado !

-All pairs of Crack naod are compatible with each other and any combination can be created.

An improved launcher with handle for easy launching of your combat gyro.

1--how to conconct the spinning top with the Launcher

Tips:The gears on top of the spinning top , need to be fastened to the gears of the launcher, otherwise it will not be possible to start the spinning top, or even for the spinning top to fall off

2---Launch to battle!

Choose to crack the Nado strategically. Combine the two crack Nado to 1 strong Nado. Launch to fight with your opponent ,During a battle, the player can choose their own timing and use the launch ribbon to split the naoo into two, and they will continue to attack the opponent from two sides already.
The Fusion Nado will crack to two then go on battling.

The product is original, certified and safe for children.

The kit includes:

2 x naod ,
1 x improved starter with handle,
1 x 28cm launch band,
1 x mounting tool,
1 x instructions.
Materials: plastic, metal and magnets
Color box packaging and privacy packaging inside the goods are the same