Magic Mixies Mixlings Fizz & Reveal 2 Pack Cauldron

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"Magicus Mixus!" Get ready to make more REAL MAGIC with the all-new Magic Mixies Mixlings Fizz & Reveal 2 Pack Cauldron!

What kind of Mixlings will you create during the magical "Fizz and Reveal" 2 Pack Cauldron? Double the magic with this special 2 Pack containing 2 Mixlings. One of which contains a rare Mixling! Lift the lid of the Collector's Cauldrons to find your magic ingredients. Mix them together and watch as it bubbles and fizzes! Say the magic words "Magicus Mixus" and reveal your Magic Mixling and Wand! There are 5 new magical powers for your child to unlock from the Crystal Woods. Each Mixling from the Crystal Woods has special magical powers that are activated when your child uses the included wand. Will your kids find a Glowling that magically glows in the dark or maybe a Luckling who reveals the fortune they may soon receive? Will they find a Loxie with their amazing hair? They may find an Aqua Chanjas that changes its color, or even a Flutterflier that reveals their angel wings to soar sky-high! Who knows, maybe your child will find the Limited Edition Mixling - Shymma!

Mischievous and magical, Mixlings are so much fun as your kids cast spells and unlock different ways to play. With over 40 Mixlings toys to create and collect throughout the Crystal Woods Series, there are so many magical moments to discover with Mixlings!

What's Inside:
  • 2 Figurines
  • 3 Accessories
  • 1 Vessel
  • 1 Set Potion Ingredients (White Fizz Powder Single Use, 1pc Dissolvable Soap Shard, 3pc Dissolvable Paper)
  • 1 Collectors Guide
  • 1 Instructions Manual

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