CaDA Opel Astra V8 Coupe C51081W (Dual Mode Control)

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Opel Official License

CaDA Opel Astra V8 Coupe is officially licensed by Opel , based on the Opel ASTRA V8 Coupe rally car. The shape is retro, and the ratio is about 1:20.

2. 4G+Bluetooth APP remote control to control forward, backward, left turn, right turn direction walking function, ultra-long remote control distance, flexible body rotation, firm structure and not easy to fall apart when colliding.

The incredible Opel Astra V8 Coupe World Rally model C51081W in 1/20 scale from CaDA Bricks. This beginner-friendly design allows even young kids to experience the joy of building a World Rally car. The Opel Astra V8 Coupe set offers dual mode control, allowing you to choose between standard radio control and phone app functionality.

With exciting features like drag and drop programmable control and customizable movement, this set offers endless possibilities. Whether you're looking to play or display, the Opel Astra V8 Coupe set is the perfect choice for kids and rally car enthusiasts.

Model Number: C51081W
Difficulty: Simple
Pieces: 330
Scale: 1:20
Product Size: L21.1-W8.7-H6.3cm
Color Box Measure: L30-W6-H21cm

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