Hot Wheels Jurassic World Dominion Clash ‘N Crash Track Set

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With the Hot Wheels Jurassic World Clash 'N Crash Track Set, kids relive the excitement of the Jurassic World franchise controlling a giant dinosaur that attacks Hot Wheels cars. The set comes with a motorized booster that propels vehicles along the track while kids maneuver the massive Giganotosaurus to catch the car before it zooms past. The set features realistic details and has ample spots for kids to place their own dinosaur figures to fill out the park. (Additional figures sold separately.) One Hot Wheels car is included. Colors and decorations may vary.


    ​Includes 1 Hot Wheels Jurassic World Clash ‘N Crash Track Set and 1 Hot Wheels vehicle.

Product features

  • ​Recreate the harrowing adventures of the Jurassic World franchise with this motorized track set that features a kid-controlled Giganotosaurus that devours Hot Wheels cars.
  • ​Release the included Hot Wheels vehicle on the track and watch it race past a mini Carnotaurus dinosaur who makes the first attack.
  • ​A motorized booster propels the car into the forest and through a loop before it reaches Giganotosaurus, who's on the prowl.
  • ​Kids move Giganotosaurus, timing it just right to break through a bridge and grab the car in its jaws. Add more vehicles to the set to up the challenge and increase the excitement. (Additional cars sold separately.)
  • ​This track set makes a great gift for fans of Jurassic World and kids 3 years old and older.

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