Jada Toys G.I. Joe 1.65" 18-Pack Die-Cast Figures

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  • Authentically licensed product from G.I. Joe
  • Crafted from durable materials such as 100% die cast metal and premium metallic paints, the quality of these figures is undeniable.
  • Standing at about 1.65" and weighing approximately 30g.
  • Highly collectible figures included in this 18 Pack, mix and match the different characters from the G.I. Joe Universe.
  • Our high end casting method allows us to capture the styling, posing, and unique quality's to various G.I. Joe characters..Characters included: Duke, Scarlett, Lady Jaye, Storm Shadow, Doc, Firefly, Snake Eyes, Dusty, B.A.T., Cobra Commander, Barbecue, Cobra Trooper, Baroness, Roadblock, Zartan, Destro, Flint, and Serpentor.

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