Peppa Pig Peppa’s Pizza Place

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The ultimate toy for preschoolers who love both pizza and Peppa, everyone’s favorite sassy 4-year-old pig! The Peppa’s Pizza Place playset lets young kids imagine that Peppa’s gone out for a dinner (she does fancy a yummy pizza!). Feature accessories, such as a sliding oven and flip-top table, add to the pizzeria-themed fun, while the Peppa figure, dressed in a bib over her iconic red dress, looks ready for dinner. The figure and accessories all store inside, so kids ages 3 and up can carry the playset with them on the go.


  • playset
  • 1 figure
  • 4 accessories

Product features

  • Peppa pig Peppa’s pizza place playset toy lets preschoolers, Peppa fans, and pizza lovers ages 3 and up pretend that they’re enjoying a pizza dinner with everyone’s favorite 4-year-old pig
  • Includes 3” Peppa figure and 4 fun accessories: this Peppa pig playset comes with an oven, flip-top table, and 2 chairs. Hmm, is Peppa a guest at this pizzeria, or does she want to be the chef?
  • Carry-along playset features a blue awning on one side and a big pizza on the other. The handle lets kids take the fun along with them. Pieces store inside for easy clean-up and on-the-go adventures
  • Feature accessories include an oven with a pull-out pizza, and a flip-top table that shows pizza or dessert. Will Peppa bring any leftovers home to brother George? (snort!)
  • An oinktastic gift for preschoolers, Peppa pig fans, and kids ages 3 and up. Look for more Peppa pig toys featuring favorite characters from the Peppa pig show

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