Real Littles Disney Minnie Mouse Locker and Backpack

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  • Disney Real Littles Bags - Cute & tiny Disney Locker and Backpack that really works!
  • What Disney surprises will you find in your Disney Locker and Backpack?
  • Exclusive Disney Minnie Mouse Backpack!
  • Customize your own way with fun Wallpapers, colourful Stickers and a fancy Chandelier!
  • Over 10 surprises to find inside!

  • Keep all your secrets safe inside the Disney Real Littles Locker and Backpack - A cute Disney Minnie Mouse Locker and Backpack that really works! Open the door of the Real Littles Disney Locker and discover a cool School Locker filled with tiny surprises!

    Your Locker has a working door that can be locked to keep your things safe. The Locker has a pink glitter finish to match your Minnie Mouse Backpack. Customize your Locker with over 10 tiny surprises hidden inside! They are tiny toy school supplies made mini but they all really work!

    Discover a tiny Chandelier to hang inside your Locker, a fuzzy Carpet to lay inside, a Mirror to hang on the inside of the door, a Pencil, reusable Disney Stickers and Wallpapers to line and decorate with, a Lock and Sticky Notes in the shape of Minnie's Bow!

    You can also store your surprises in your Exclusive Disney Minnie Mouse Backpack! This 3D Backpack is in the shape of Minnie Mouse and made from cool pink glitter covered silicon. Disney Real Littles are "Things You Love Made Micro"!

    1 x Locker
    1 x Backpack
    10 x Surprise Toy Accessories

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