3D Magic Ruler Toys Twisted Puzzle Cubes

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• 3D Magic Ruler Toys :The 3D magic ruler toys are designed to challenge children's spatial reasoning skills, making it a great educational toy.

• Twisted Puzzle Cubes :The twisted puzzle cubes add an extra layer of difficulty to the traditional puzzle, making it more challenging and fun.

• Foldable Magic Ruler :The foldable magic ruler makes it easy to store and transport, making it a great toy for on-the-go.

• Sensory Toys :The sensory toys in this set are designed to stimulate children's senses, promoting learning and development.

Product details

Product Name: Magic Ruler

Color: Colorful

Materials: ABS plastic


Weight: 0.125Kg

Packin: Color Box

Use your child's imagation to create a varirty of shapes.Best Gifts For Kids, Surprise Gifts for Easter, Children's Day, Christmas, Birthday.


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