4Pcs Fun and Educational Twist Music Puzzle Toys

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• Fun and Educational :This toy is not only fun but also educational, helping kids develop their problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.

• Twist Music Puzzle :The toy comes with a twist music puzzle that adds an extra layer of entertainment and challenge for kids.

• Vent Deformation Rope Knot Pressure Toys :The toy is designed to challenge kids' deformation rope knot pressure skills, making it a unique and engaging puzzle.

• Set of 4 Toys :The set includes four toys, providing kids with multiple options to play and keeping them entertained for hours.



  • Plastic, safe and odorless

  • Bright color, multi-color splicing composition, better looking

  • The stitching is fine, and the deformation is smoother

  • Boring little toys, decompress, exercise children's hands-on ability


  • 4*Twist the deformation rope

NOTES: Suitable for people over 3 years old