Baby Montessori Carrot Farm For Toddler

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  • How to play ①: Radish

    Note: There will be little rabbits guarding the radishes in the farmland!!!

    1. First plant the radish and two rabbits in the farmer's field

    2 Players take turns to pull out radishes, two radishes are pulled out each time, and the same radishes are pulled out to get radishes.

    3. If the radishes pulled out are not the same and the radishes are buried in the ground, no radishes will be obtained in this round.

    4. If you pull out the rabbit radish, you must bury all the dream buds you have obtained earlier in the ground.

    How to play ②: Radish Solitaire

    1. The player pulls out the first radish, remember the color and shape of the radish.

    2. Pull out the same type of radish as the previous radish and take it away. If it is the same radish, then the previous radish is also yours.

    3. If you pull out different types of radishes, bury the radishes back in the ground, and it will be the next player's turn.

    4. Pull out all the radishes, the player with more radishes wins!!

    How to play ③: Caterpillar invasion

    Note: There will be little rabbits guarding the radishes in the farmland!!!

    1. Apply caterpillar stickers to 6 radishes.

    2. Bury all the radishes back into the soil, and the player pulls out the radishes in turn.

    3. Pull out all the radishes and start counting the points. The player with the most points wins.

    4. Caterpillar radish: 0 points Normal radish: 1 point Rabbit radish: 2 points

    How to play ④: Kitchen Helper

    A random question card (8 in total) will be drawn to help the chef find the ingredients he needs today! The player who completes the question card first will win.