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BAKUGAN - Starter Pack - Special Attack DRAGONOID, NILLIOUS & Hammerhead

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  • BAKUGAN SPINNING ATTACK: This game set includes a Special Attack Bakugan and two Core Bakugan balls, and trading cards to unleash the action. Use the included split card and Ripcord string to activate the spinning Bakugan
  • BAKUGAN COLLECTIVE BALLS: Combine your Bakugan with the two-part linked ball system. Simply place the top of the character, lower half, or Special Attack ring weapon and get ready for battle. The more you add to the collection, the more you can customize them
  • BAKUGAN COLLECTIBLE BALLS: Level up your battles with the new Training Set and Battle Pack action figures (sold separately). Enjoy powerful Bakugan as these surprise toys transform and change shape to fight like never before!
  • MORE WAYS TO PLAY: Use the Character and Special Attack cards to earn points and defeat your enemies. Define strategies with the Bakugan Special Attack to win the battle. Use the code inside to learn about other ways to play in the online game, Roblox
  • INCLUDES: 1 Special Attack Bakugan, 2 Basic Balls, 1 Split Card, 1 Character Card, 1 Special Attack Card, 3 Brawler Cards, 3 Portal Cards, 1 Oversized Ripcord String, and 1 Bakugan Token
  • GIFTS FOR KIDS 6 YEARS: The Bakugan Starter Pack is a great gift idea for fans and collectors aged 6 and up and are ideal for any time and event of the year (birthdays, Christmas, Kings...). Collect your favorite characters from the popular TV show and take part in fights! Bakugan
  • RANDOM MODEL: Bakugan Deka is part of an assortment, so you may receive it in a different colour or model than the one shown in the photos.