CaDA Mercedes-AMG ONE C61503W Official License

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Experience engineering brilliance with the Mercedes-AMG ONE. A meticulously crafted 1/8 scale masterpiece that captures the essence of performance and innovation.
Introducing the AMG ONE: a meticulously crafted 1:8 scale replica of the iconic hypercar. This remarkable model comes complete with Michelin-authorized custom tires, adding an unparalleled level of authenticity. Painstakingly designed by Bruno and the visionary CaDA team over a span of three years, this collectible motorized sports car seamlessly integrates a multitude of original parts. Immerse yourself in the world of luxury and performance with the CaDA hypercar - the AMG ONE.


Precision and passion collide in this 3295-piece Mercedes-AMG ONE brick model. Every detail, from the iconic roof scoop to the intricate wheels, is an homage to the allure of the hypercar.

Technical details like the drivetrain and many moving parts -including opening doors, independent front and rear suspension and various engine parts- add to the unique building experience. Two pull-back motors offer dynamism and speed for exciting actual play. The design features curves and accessories that resemble the real-world-hypercar.

Combined with the optional LED lights, it make for a staggering display piece. Celebrate innovation with the Mercedes-AMG ONE: perfect for car enthusiasts, brick aficionados, and collectors alike, it's a symbol of engineering transformed into art.


Mercedes-AMG ONE C61503W adopts a unique and innovative "ejection start" gameplay that is unprecedented in bricks products. At the same time, the vehicle series functions and gameplay are restored, including: equipped with dual-motor four-wheel drive for strong power, remote control of butterfly wing door opening and closing linked to tail wing lifting, remote control vehicle steering linked to F1-style rectangular steering wheel, rear V6 engine linked to remote operation, remote control of front and rear 6 Each lighting group forms a matrix eye of the soul, and all four wheels are equipped with independent suspension shock absorbers. Exclusive Mercedes-Benz AMG ONE "shark fin spoiler, F1 racing air intake, 10-spoke forged wheels, Michelin tires" and other new building block appearance configurations, the whole body of the vehicle is printed with high-definition building blocks, which highly restores the vehicle details and interior.


Model Number.: C61503W
Difficulty: High
Pieces: 3295
Scale: 1:8
Product Size: L55-W22-H16cm
Color Box Measure: L56.7-W37.3-H14.6cm

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