CaDA The Secret of Safe C71006W

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Designed By JK Brickworks

Discover the creativity and innovation behind this 442-pieces building block set that lets you assemble a stunning antique-style safe with a fully functional combination lock. Designed by the same mastermind behind the renowned CaDA solar system, this set takes a different approach but offers an equally captivating experience. Delight in the intricate mechanism and the thrill of putting together your own working safe.

The principle and structure of a real safe are restored through blocks: it contains three layers of dial codes with grooves, and only by fluctuating the correct dial code, in turn, can the grooves be aligned with the lock core, so that the lock can be opened by the knob linkage.

Storage space included: Items can be stored and encrypted for safekeeping.

Mechanical knowledge learning: clever mechanical design, with manuscript-style inserts to introduce the user to the building process to learn the mechanical principles of real safes


This Combination Safe is for those who seek a well-crafted mechanism not only to appreciate, but also to use for its intended purpose. With careful attention to detail, the imaginative 3 number combination lock provides maximum security. A unique turntable-style design featuring multiple layers of grooved codes is sure to keep your belongings secure in any situation.

Step 1: Rotate the number dial three full revolutions clockwise, then continue clockwise to the first number of the combination.

Step 2: Rotate the dial one full revolution counter-clockwise, then continue counter-clockwise to the second number of the combination.

Step 3: Rotate the dial clockwise to the third number of the combination.

Step 4: At this time, the grooves are aligned with the lock cylinder. Turn the lock bolt knob to open the safe box.

Model Number.: C71006W
Difficulty: Low
Pieces: 442
Product Size: L14.7-W12.8-H11.5cm
Color Box Measure: L30.7-W23.8-H11.9cm

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