DIY Flashlight Technology Small Production Set

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Hands-on Learning and Application: The DIY flashlight tech kit combines theoretical knowledge with practical assembly, allowing children to deeply understand and grasp the fundamental principles of electricity and physics as they build their own flashlight.

Inquiry-based Educational Approach: The product adopts an inquiry-based teaching method that encourages children to engage in self-exploration by identifying problems and finding solutions, nurturing their innovative thinking and manual dexterity.

Safe and Eco-friendly Materials: The set uses high-quality, non-toxic materials ensuring child safety during playtime while adhering to eco-friendly standards, meeting contemporary parents' expectations for toy quality.

Interactive and Family Bonding: Parents can participate in the process of making the flashlight with their children, enhancing parent-child relationships while guiding them to improve logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Visible Results and Sense of Accomplishment: When children successfully construct a functional flashlight, they get to see the tangible outcome of their learning, fostering a profound sense of achievement that can ignite a passion for further scientific exploration.


Product name: DIY flashlight

Applicable age: 5Y+

Product size :58mm*175mm

Material: Multiple materials

Packing method: bulk material package, need to assemble themselves

Product Knowledge:

Learn simple circuit principles

Usage: After the assembly is completed, press the switch key, the LED lights up, so that the flashlight can achieve the lighting effect, and the night effect is more obvious (the irradiation distance is about 10 meters).

Tips: This product is a scientific experiment equipment, not a toy, need to be used under the guidance of teachers or adults! Contains small parts, not suitable for children under 3 years old, all parts can not be imported!