Four-room Sudoku Chess Number

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• Intellectual Stimulation :This Sudoku Chess Puzzle Toy is designed to stimulate intellectual problem solving and clearance skills, making it a perfect choice for teenagers and adults.

• Plastic Material :Made from durable plastic, this puzzle toy is designed to withstand repeated use while remaining lightweight and portable.

• Single Piece Design :The product comes as a single piece, ensuring easy assembly and disassembly for convenient storage and travel.

• Educational Value :This puzzle toy not only provides entertainment but also helps improve reading, math, and logical thinking skills, making it an excellent educational tool.

• Brand Quality :Produced by a reputable brand, this puzzle toy guarantees high-quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

• Ideal for Age 12+ :Recommended for individuals aged 12 and above, this puzzle toy is suitable for teenagers and adults who enjoy cognitive challenges.

Sudoku four grid logic training brain, with fun to develop the baby brain, while learning to play smart are played out, to play on the generation of teaching exercise baby patience observation and logical thinking.