GAN 356 i Carry

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GAN 356 i Carry Bluetooth 3x3 is a new, chargeless Bluetooth speed cube from GAN! The i Carry features improved performance that is comparable to the 2020 flagship, the GAN 11 M Pro and the concept of an interchangeable battery is very convenient for some!

The i Carry does not feature a gyroscope which allows for moves to be tracked.

Bluetooth functionality

Connect your GAN cube to your phone's Cube Station app via Bluetooth and enjoy many cool features! The Cube Station app will give you statistics based on your solve times, training exercises, races with cubers across the world, and more!

Download Cube Station for iOS (click) or Android (click)

Changing the battery:

GAN advertises that the pre-installed battery is good for 280 hours of use before it needs to be changed. Video tutorial (click here)

Includes: GAN 356 i Carry Bluetooth 3x3, storage box, cube bag, CFOP algorithms, and 2 sets of tension nuts and springs for adjustable feel.

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