GAN Halo Smart Timer - Blue

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The GAN Halo Smart Timer isn't your ordinary speedcubing timer. It can store up to 10,000 results in its internal memory. It connects to the CubeStation app so you can track your progress and do customized training. And this timer has customizable lighting with 90 different light effects to choose from!

Specific settings of this timer have flashing lights. If you are sensitive to this please avoid these settings.

Key features

  • CubeStation Mobile App connectivity (Smart version)
    • Analyze solve data and start customized training 
    • Import offline results
  • Customizable lighting effects (90 configurations)
  • Single/Dual rechargeable battery
    • Lasts about 42 hours (Smart version)
    • Lasts about 32 hours (Standard version)
  • 2.5mm auxiliary output
  • Durable, "non-sticky" buttons


  • Stores up to 10,000 results (Smart version)
    • Supports online or offline solving
  • Automatically calculates a rolling average of five
  • "Freezes" all buttons for 2 seconds after the timer is stopped
    • Prevents accidental erasure of times

Accessories included

  • USB charging cable

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