Handmade Crochet Wool Bear Set

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Crochet Ringer is a handmade baby toy, usually woven from crochet needles. They are usually small spherical or flat disc shaped, with fillers such as bells and cotton inside, which can make soft sounds and attract the baby's attention.
The crochet ringer can not only be used as a baby toy, but also as a bed or car pendant to increase the visual and auditory stimulation of infants and promote their sensory development. In addition, as this type of toy is handcrafted, it also carries a certain emotional value and can become a special gift for newborns or babies of family and friends.

Material safety: Choose non-toxic and non easy to peel materials, such as cotton thread, hemp thread, or suitable textiles.
Appearance size: Choose a suitable appearance and size based on the baby's age and body size.
Solid filler: crochet bell should be filled with enough cotton or foam and other fillers to ensure that the toy is solid and not easy to deform.
Crochet ringing is a fun, safe, and beneficial baby toy that can promote baby's sensory development and hand eye coordination abilities.