Interactive Recordable and Musical Colorful Chatty Parrot

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• Interactive and Recordable :This toy parrot is not just a stuffed animal, but an interactive and recordable one that can teach kids to speak.

• Musical Toy :With its colorful design and flapping wings, this toy parrot is not only interactive but also musical, making it a fun addition to any child's toy collection.

• Teaches Kids to Speak :This toy parrot is designed to help kids learn how to speak by recording their voice and playing it back, making it a great tool for parents who want to encourage their child's language development.

• Realistic Design :The realistic design of this toy parrot makes it a great companion for any child who loves animals and wants a pet they can play with and care for.

Product description


This tov parrot has a built-in speaker and microphone thatallows it to sing, dance, and learn to speak. lt also has a recording function that allows children to record their ownvoices or voices and replay them through cacti. It can alsodance to music and has a recording function, allowing children to save their music creations.

This tov parrot has a cute and friendly face that can interact with children through speech recognition technologylt also has a recording function that allows children to

save their conversations with cacti.

This toy parrot is designed for children who love music

and dance.It has a built-in DJ mixer that allows children

to mix and mix their favorite also has a recordingfunction that allows children to save their DJ devices and

share them with friends.

These are just some ideas for a toy parrot, which can singdance.learn to speak, and record. The possibilities are infinite, and the appropriate toy will depend on the child'sage and interests.


Applicable age Over 6 years old

Material quality Plush

Producer Chinese mainland

Applicable gender unisex

Toy type Plush toys

Color Blue parrot, green parrot, red parrot

Filler PP cotton

Doll type Other

Height 22 cm

Weight 200g

Package Opp bag

Package included: Including a toy parrot.


*Supervision: Although the design oftoys is safe and durable, it is important to supervise children when using themYounger children may need closer supervision to ensurethat they do not misuse or improperly manipulate toys.

*Press to install batteries: Smart toy partners need topress to install batteries.

*Volume: This toy has speakers that can emit high volumeTo prevent potential hearing damage, it is important tomaintain a reasonable level ofvolume and avoid placingtoys near the ears.

*Maintenance:ltis important to follow the cleaning andmaintenance instructions provided in order to keep thetoy in good condition.Avoid exposing toys to water or extreme temperatures, and store them in a safe and dryplace when notin use.

*Avoid direct sunlight and avoid heavy pressure

*By following these preventive measures, you can helpensure that children have a safe and enjoyable experiencewith their smart toy partners.